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"Helpful information to avoid the foreclosure trap. Everything you need to know about avoiding The "F" Word…Foreclosure."

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Foreclosure certainly feels like a four letter word, doesn't it? A common fear among homeowners is the deep fear of losing their home. For the vast majority of people, our home is our prized and most valuable possession. We put so much effort into owning it and yet in most cases, we're not prepared for unforeseen circumstances and lenders are the ones in control.

Don't Lose Your House!

If you're not prepared and knowledgeable about the possibility and policies surrounding foreclosures, you could be in danger of losing your house.

Disaster can happen at any time.

Disasters will jeopardize your ability to make your mortgage payments. Most people are two paychecks away from bankruptcy and if you miss two mortgage payments in a row, your lender could take your house. All the money and sweat and love that has gone into your home could suddenly mean nothing. Regardless of how much equity you've put in or how hard you've worked, the rug could literally be pulled out from under you.

Learning all about the dangers of foreclosure and how to avoid it happening to you could save you. Whether:

  • You're in a dire situation already,

  • You see problems looming on the horizon;

  • Or you simply want to get knowledgeable "just in case", the book, Foreclosure Finesse will give you the answers you need.

The book, Foreclosure Finesse looks at the following areas:

  • Pre-home buying tips to ensure you can afford your mortgage payments

  • How choosing the right type of mortgage can reduce your chances of foreclosure

  • The top home buying mistakes buyers make

  • Tips for those facing pre-foreclosure

  • Important Advice for dealing with lenders

  • Stopping Foreclosure from happening

  • Dealing with the aftermath of foreclosure

  • And much, much more

With more than 50 pages of information, Foreclosure Finesse is a book every homeowner and those contemplating buying a home should own!

Having the knowledge about the above areas can help new homebuyers avoid foreclosure, help people in the pre-foreclosure stage manage to get out of trouble and can also help those who are in the midst of a battle to keep their home. Foreclosure is a scary thought whether you feel secure or are facing financial hardship.

Knowledge = Power

The good news is that no matter if you're in the middle of financial strife or simply doing your best to get informed, "Foreclosure Finesse" is the ideal resource for everything to do with pre-foreclosure and foreclosure.

Not only will this book teach you about home buying so that you can avoid the foreclosure trap but can also help you if you've already got mortgage arrears and are desperately trying to claw your way out of foreclosure.

Even if you're in payment arrears now, YOU HAVE RIGHTS

Not only can you learn helpful information for dealing with your lender but you'll learn all your rights as well as be given helpful information for resources that can help you deal with this problem before it's too late. If you haven't turned your keys over and left your house, it's not too late!

Foreclosure Finesse begins by looking at today's foreclosure frenzy and talks about the most common reasons that foreclosures are on the rise. It also looks at ways to avoid it early in the game so that whether you've bought your house or are just getting started in your home shopping, you can avoid some of the pitfalls many new homebuyers make.

Learning about how much home you can afford as well as learning secrets of saving for a rainy day will be very helpful. And, learning about exactly what you need to do when you are faced with the reality of foreclosure is what is going to help you save your home before it's too late.

Don't Wait! Act NOW

One of the biggest mistakes those faced with losing their home do is wait. They don't act quickly because they hope the problem will resolve itself. Foreclosure Finesse teaches you how to handle things quickly before they spiral out of control.

Thousands of families lose their home every year because they aren't prepared for a rainy day and do not act fast enough when troubles being. Foreclosure Finesse can help you plan and react so that you can save your home and your credit rating. With acting quick based on information given in Foreclosure Finesse you can rest assured that you have the tools you need to get through rough financial patches without losing your home.

So, where do we begin?

Regardless of what your current situation is, the first step in being sure you are equipped to save your home is to get knowledgeable. Foreclosure Finesse contains over fifty pages of information related to mortgages, foreclosures and resources that people facing foreclosure need.

Even if you know nothing about foreclosure or mortgages, this eBook will give you all the relevant information you need to save a home that's in jeopardy of being repossessed. You don't have to go to a bookstore and purchase a book about this information. You can download this e-book right now and get the information you need immediately. Time is of the essence when dealing with foreclosure!

The book also looks in depth at other specific areas and solutions such as refinancing, debt consolidation, reverse mortgages and more.

No matter what you need, you can find it in this comprehensive ebook.

FREE Bonus

If you order a copy of Foreclosure Finesse you can acquire the free bonus, a copy of a special report, "Insider Secrets That Can STOP FORECLOSURE"

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This 10 page report includes:

  • Important warnings about ARM's (adjustable rate mortgages) that might "look" attractive but can be very dangerous

  • Helpful information about debt repayment plans

  • A look at mortgage modifications to save your house

  • Using insurance to help cover your payments

  • The possibility of a payment hiatus to help you get back on track

  • Pre-Foreclosure sales

  • Loan assumption options

  • A helpful and comprehensive list of resources

  • And a very helpful foreclosure to-do list that could contain the answer to your specific problem.

By including this free and valuable report, you are getting a head to toe resource that can help you or your loved ones deal with the frightening prospect of foreclosure.

Although Foreclosure Finesse is a very comprehensive resource, this special report is extremely useful!

But what are you really getting from these books?

When you order a copy of Foreclosure Finesse, you're getting a comprehensive book for anyone facing foreclosure as well as anyone who wants to be sure they have the knowledge needed to avoid foreclosure.

ONLY $17

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Table of Contents

Today’s Foreclosure Frenzy
How Much Home Can You Afford?
Key Considerations
Top Home Shopping Mistakes
Help For Those Facing Pre-Foreclosure
When Foreclosure Strikes
Final Tips When Faced With Foreclosure

Here is an excerpt of the book


Foreclosure represents one of the greatest financial crises a family can face.
Not only does a homeowner lose an important asset in a foreclosure
proceeding; he or she also may lose a sense of community, a sense of
belonging, and even a sense of identity. Homeownership is one of the
greatest economic empowerment tools in existence today. When that tool
loses its luster, the results can be devastating for a family, who may even
face the prospect of actual homelessness.

Foreclosure also exacts a tremendous economic cost upon our nation. When
foreclosures rise, realtors, homebuilders, electricians, plumbers, carpet
salesmen, and others involved in work affected by the home industry may
suffer. The financial fallout can also affect the nation’s economy as a whole.
Fears of recession in the U.S. have been fuelled in part by the troubles faced
by the real estate industry.

Once a family experiences foreclosure, they may find it difficult to rebuild
their financial lives. Re-establishing credit, for instance, can be a nightmare.
They may even find it difficult to secure a rental property because of the
foreclosure which haunts their financial background. This is why it is so
important to try to avoid foreclosure if at all possible. A family’s economic
future depends on it.

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