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Financing for Foreclosure Homes: What you Need to Know


When looking for a good deal in buying property you soon come to realize that buying foreclosure homes provide a lucrative investment for your own home and homes that you may consider buying for your family, renting out, or buying with the intention of reselling. The deals are great but there is still a question of financing. Very few people in today’s market have the cash to buy a home up front. There are a number of ways to obtain credit for your foreclosure homes financing, the traditional financing, fixed and adjustable mortgage loans, bad credit loans, refinancing, and home equity loans obtained through your bank.

If you can meet the 20 percent down payment and closing cost:

• The conventional method of foreclosure homes financing where you go to a bank and take out a loan is good to select when you have the required 20 percent down payment or more, and you can have enough to meet the closing sale cost fees on top of that.

• However if you do have the 20 percent down payment and additional closing cost fees but you are not sure that the loan will go through due to some credit issues, it is then best to go to private lenders. These lenders will be more accepting of less than perfect credit standing, however, the lending institutions will charge you higher interest to do business with them.

However when you do not meet the standard financing there is still help available for people with limited finances for down payment or home improvement or even no finances available to secure foreclosure homes financing at all.

When you have less than 20 percent down payment:

• An Adjustable Mortgage rate loan with a low interest rate will help you to meet the down payment requirement on your foreclosure homes investment.

• Or, you can get ”Private Mortgage Insurance” to secure the foreclosure homes down payment requirement.

• If your situation is such that you really do not have much money to invest on a down payment and still require a home, do not be discouraged. There are private lenders who will provide the total down payment requirement or even more, but of course the interest payback to these lenders is much higher than through the conventional way for foreclosure homes financing.

If you have neither down payment nor a good credit history, still, you can find foreclosure homes financing. There are options where there are no qualifying conditions. You would need to look into “seller financing”. The interest rates are steep however, if you expect to be in a better financial position in the future, you can ask for better interest rates and negotiate a deal by asking for a “lease buy option.”

Your plan for financing does depend upon your financial situation. It depends upon whether or not you are simply buying a home, needing money for repairs or renovation on that home. It will depend upon whether or not you have the down payment and good credit standing, or whether or not you intend to live in the home or flip the foreclosure property and resell. Also you must take into consideration if you need a long-term mortgage or a short term mortgage, and finally whether or not your qualify for a prime lender or need to use a sub prime lender for your foreclosure homes financing requirements.

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