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Real Estate Foreclosure Investments is Still a Good Business Venture


A Smart buyer in today’s market must look for the best deals and there is no better way to get your money working for you than investing in property. Unlike the stock market where you are basically speculating on gains received from the money you have invested in buying stocks, bonds, and commodities you can rest assured that buying real estate would always work for you in the long run. Keeping an eye open for the best deals will provide you with a lifetime of steady income.

In the past couple of years in parts of the US, the prices of houses have gone down to the point that you can purchase almost two houses for the price of one that you would have purchased a few years back. Florida, Phoenix Arizona and parts of California are very much affected by this buyers market boom. Financial specialists are expecting to see the housing prices in these areas go down even more.

Particularly lucrative right now is the real estate foreclosure market. Not only are American investors buying up the properties but foreign investors are cashing in on the real estate foreclosure market as well.

A word of caution, you must be very prudent about your real estate foreclosure purchases as fewer banks are offering sub prime loans. According to the Federal Reserve, the banks are becoming more rigid in their lending practices. Even the prime loans are being scrutinized more carefully before loans are being issued at this time. As the real estate market continues to plummet, the banks and other lending institutions will get tougher with the granting of real estate foreclosure loans.

All is not lost. There is good news for the real estate foreclosure investor. The federal government is taken action. They are putting a strategy in place to preserve the real estate foreclosure market. The government has put into place a three-prong system. They will be providing funding for investors to buy up vacant properties in order to fix them up, providing help for financial institutions to continue to service the investors with moderate income to borrow, and creating new lending legislation to prevent abusive or spurious lending practices from occurring.

The government is also putting together a foreclosure prevention package to help homeowners keep their existing property. This too will affect the real estate foreclosure buyer in a positive way. If you are buying your own home, you can rest assured that you will not lose it if the market continues to plummet. However, you will need to hold onto your property, fix it up, rent it or live in it but not necessarily flip it at this particular time.

If you want to make even more for your investment dollar and look for future opportunities, you may even look into the commercial real estate foreclosure markets. Look into investment trusts in the medical field. We have a population of baby boomers who are aging and will need more and more medical attention and specialized living facilities as the years spring forth.

The real estate foreclosure market opportunities are out there, just be creative. Don’t be discouraged as the real estate foreclosure market is still alive and kicking.

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