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Colorado Foreclosure Help


Colorado is near the top of the national list for home foreclosures. Because of this, many home owners are seeking Colorado foreclosure help. There are many agencies that are offering assistance to home owners that are facing foreclosure. Many of these cases can be attributed to the subprime mortgage crisis. Subprime mortgages are loans that are offered to borrowers that do not qualify for prime mortgage rates. These subprime mortgages come with a high interest rate to offset the credit risk. They also come with a very low “teaser” rate that is only available for the first few years of the mortgage. Unfortunately, there have been many reported cases of predatory lending action when selling these mortgages. Many borrowers were not aware of the actual cost of the mortgage until it was too late. Now, many Colorado residents are in need of Colorado foreclosure help.
The best place to begin a search for Colorado foreclosure help is the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s web site. HUD has many resources available on this site. Many tips and foreclosure avoiding advice is listed there. They also have a customized search that will give agencies offering specific Colorado foreclosure help. They have a comprehensive listing of financial counselors in your area that are available to give you specific advise based on you current situation. Many foreclosures have been avoided because of the intervention of financial counselors.
Contacting you lender is also another valuable was of finding Colorado foreclosure help that is available. Since your lender has a lot at stake if your house goes into foreclosure, they are usually willing to work with you to keep that from happening. It is estimated that lenders lose between fifty to sixty thousand dollars for every foreclosure. They are not in the business of owning or selling homes. Never ignore any communication that your mortgage company sends you. While there are many programs that offer Colorado foreclosure help, most only apply to those that are only 1-2 payments behind.
When trying to find Colorado foreclosure help, it is important to do a lot of research. There are companies that advertise assistance for a fee. These fees tend to be very high and you can usually find the information on your own for free. Be very cautious when deciding what company or agency to work with. Many offer similar programs, but not the same fee schedule. Being an informed consumer is the best defense you can have against foreclosure. Be sure to seek help when you first start to have financial problems. Many times this can be the difference between being able to keep your house and going into foreclosure.


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