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from: How to Find Free Foreclosure Home Listings

Free foreclosure home listings are very easy to acquire. You can contact any bank’s REO (real estate owned) properties department and ask them to email you a copy; and if you ask them they will be glad to put you on their weekly free foreclosure home listings. You can also surf the Net and find such websites as, and Just type in the city and state you are interested in, and the free foreclosure home listings are right there for you to print.

Another way to get free foreclosure home listings is to call a real estate agent. Most agents have them, and will be willing to email you a copy. In fact, if you ask, most of them will be willing to send you free foreclosure home listings every week. Any time a new property goes into foreclosure, or a property is taken out of foreclosure the list is updated, making the weekly free foreclosure home listings a wonderful tool to work with.

Plug the words free foreclosure home listings into the Yahoo search engine and you will see many websites; plug in the city and state and it works like the other websites. The property locations will be visible by a photograph of the area, along with a map. The homes are listed by street name, and the asking price, the square footage, and the realty company handling the property will be listed.

Besides going to websites and asking for free foreclosure home listings you can do a little legwork yourself. Just drive around your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Take your time and look for signs of foreclosed on properties. The signs will have the bank’s contact information. Many homes are in pre-foreclosure, and the homeowner may still be living in the home if the bank has not already taken possession of them. There is a good chance you can make a deal with the homeowner and the bank the home is financed with.

Everyone hopes to buy a foreclosure for as little money as possible. The asking price may be low, or you may be able to negotiate a deal below the asking price. You will have to decide if the home is worth the money you will pay. Sometimes homes are in very poor condition for one reason or another, so if you have to spend more to fix the house than the asking price, it may not be cost effective to purchase the home.

Many people do make sweet deals when buying foreclosure homes. Those that are successful in finding those deals have done their homework. Should you be interested in buying a foreclosure home take a camera with you and a notebook to write down what you notice about the home. Note the condition the home and surrounding property. Note if the house has been vandalized. If there are massive repairs and renovations it will cost you much more than the asking price. The free foreclosure home listings do not include the condition of the house, so always make a visual inspection. Making an informed decision is key to being a successful home buyer.

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