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´╗┐Where Can I Find A Pre Foreclosure List?


A pre foreclosure list is a tool that can be used to determine what properties in your area or an area you are interested in may be going into foreclosure and be available for purchase. It is important to keep in mind that houses or properties on a pre foreclosure list may not end up in foreclosure, especially if the owner is able to either refinance or work with the lender to set up a repayment plan that will deal with the deficit in the payments.

A home makes it onto a pre foreclosure list in several different ways, depending on the type of financing and the various real estate laws within a state. Typically the lists are developed by the local courts through public notices, which are found through court filings by the lender. In some states where Judicial foreclosures are used, the lender has to file a notice of Lis Pendens with the court, which then hears the complaint of the lender. The homeowner is allows to also present their information, during this process the house or property is considered in pre foreclosure. The lender and borrower may resolve the outstanding debt prior to the court hearing, at which time the house would be removed from the foreclosure list and would not move into foreclosure.

The other option for a foreclosure is called a Non-Judicial Foreclosure, although a legally established process is still followed. The lender will file a Notice of Default as well as notify the homeowner that the house or property is in pre foreclosure. The owner then has a set amount of time to communicate with the lender to attempt to develop a plan to address the default payments. Once the time has passed for the owner to attempt to correct the problem, the lender will sell the property through a public auction.

While a pre foreclosure list does not necessarily mean that the property is going to go to foreclosure, it can be a useful tool in determining what homes or properties may be available for sale during the pre foreclosure period or may come on the market shortly. There are many different websites offering both foreclosure and pre foreclosure list information either on a state by state, county, city or broader area search option. These sites may be free and open to the public or there may be sites that require a paid membership to view the pre foreclosure list area. There are also several agencies that specialize in locating pre foreclosure list information for specific categories of properties that buyers or investors may be interested in purchasing.

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