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Finding Qualified Real Estate Agents


The first step is to find good real estate agents in the area that you are looking to invest in is to look for local real estate agents where you are now and ask them if they know anyone in the area you are thinking of moving to. If that fails, contact the better business bureau or the local convention and visitors bureau. They may be able to tell you which agents in their area have the best reputations. Once you have located several real estate agents that you may want to work with, take the time to meet them in person. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and if you are considering purchasing a foreclosure ask what kind of experience they have in dealing with these types of purchases. If you do not like the answers you receive or are in any way uncomfortable, keep looking. Finding the right real estate agent to help is essential.

If you want to buy foreclosures, look for a knowledgeable agent

No matter how much real estate training someone has invested in if they do not stay up to date on the latest trends, laws and information they may not be the best person to help you. The real estate market is changing. Foreclosures are at record levels and house prices are plummeting. Savvy investors are looking for real estate agents who know the foreclosure market inside and out to help them make good decisions that they can profit on. Look for an agent who specializes in foreclosures. Ask them how they can help you purchase a foreclosed property and then let ask them why that may or may not be to your best advantage. Do some homework on your own to make sure their knowledge is up to date. After all, helping you make the right purchase is what they are being paid to do.

Ask the real estate agent for a listing of foreclosures

Obtaining and reading a listing of properties that have been foreclosed on before you look at any of the properties can have its advantages. Ideally a listing will have a photo of the property as well as any pertinent information about the property. You will know ahead of time what features and amenities the property has. If you are planning to purchase the property strictly as an investment, these features can be strong selling points. Other pertinent information will include the asking price, which usually can be negotiated even on a property that has been foreclosed on. Ask the real estate agents you are considering working with what bank officers, credit union officers and mortgage company officers they work with. There places will want to get rid of any foreclosed properties as quickly as possible. The lot features such as lot size, sewer and utilities should be listed as well as building interior and exterior features. If appliances are going to stay they will be listed as well. Homes that have been foreclosed on will not have a tenant or homeowner there so the real estate listing will be your main source of information.

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